Watershed Development (WSD) is a key strategy to address the issues of poverty, food security and natural resources degradation especially in drought prone regions. OUTREACH is intensively involved in participatory watershed development in drought prone areas of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu with assistance from a number of donors and Government agencies. Over the years, OUTREACH has moved further its activities from primary treatment of watershed to `watershed plus’ activities which also include income generation through non-land based activities and social equity etc.

Strategies adopted in Watershed Development:

  • To organize and empower the vulnerable rural poor in drought prone areas (with emphasis on women) into self-reliant community based development organizations.
  • Developing and promoting sustainable livelihoods, primarily through Natural Resources Management and Micro Enterprise Development.
  • Developing and promoting micro-finance for land based and non-land based micro-enterprises and other development needs.
  • Developing and demonstrating innovative participatory approaches and methodologies.
  • Influencing the policies of the Government, donors, NGOs and other institutions towards participatory approaches in rural development.
  • Building capacities and promoting networks of organizations engaged in rural development.
  • To constantly striving towards upgrading ourselves to be more responsive to emerging developing needs
  • To address the immediate developmental needs of the migrant rural poor, especially children and youth.