Focus Area:

  • Organising CBOs:
    Outreach as its first step towards meaningful intervention in the area by promoting and formation of community based organizations following Self-Help group (SHG) concept. These groups have a strong emphasis on economic and social equity.
  • Natural Resource Management:
    Implementing Government and Donor supported watershed programmes, JFPM programme and carried out the activities to prevent soil erosion, to conserve moisture and to improve vegetation in 55000 Hectors in10 project locations.
  • Ground water re-charges:
    Outreach has adopted farm pond approach for ground water re-charge and critical irrigation during dry spell for the crops.3800 farm ponds has been dugged in the project locations. Outreach has trained local youths as para-hydrogeologists who will identify aquifers and promoting water harvesting structure in re-charge locations.
  • Health:
    Health camps are organized in the villages by availing support from Govt. health departments, private health institutions. Medicines are provided to the members and critical cases are referred to good hospitals.
  • Nutrition:
    Promoting school nutritional gardens and homes tea d kitchen garden in the villages. Members are using vegetables and green leaves more than 6months in ayear in our working area. Vegetables and green leaves produced in school nutrition garden are used in mid-day meal activity.
  • Tank Renovation:
    Activities like tank repair, tank beautification and tank reclamations are carried out by outreach team. Promoting use of tank silt for agriculture lands is a major activity in our working area. 180 tanks, 240 mini percolation tanks has been renovated.
  • Social Forestry and Agro Forestry:
    Promoting plantation of multiple use tree/fruit species in agriculture, cultivable waste and in common lands. In long run assured income has been created to the farmers. In about 3000 hectors plantation activity has been taken up.
  • Women empowerment:
    Women empowerment is the key activity of outreach in our project locations. Skill trainings and awareness workshops has been organized to women members and making them sustainable entrepreneurs. More than 60000 women members in our working area are individual entrepreneurs and carrying out the activities like dairy, petty business, agarabathi making, pickle making, tamarind processing, rearing of livestock and agriculture allied business.
  • Children Education:
    Outreach having a separate activity called outreach onsite programme in urban areas by establishing day care centers for the children of construction labourers in the construction sites. Nutritional care, health care, formal and informal educations are provided to the children.
  • Awareness and Capacity building:
    Outreach is training resource organization on various aspects related to rural development. Need based trainings and awareness work shops are organized to community members, panchayatraj members, government officials, NGOs and other development workers.
  • Enterprise and Livelihood promotion:
    Outreach is promoting enterprises and livelihoods depending upon the area by upgrading in the skills of the members.
  • Sanitation :
    As access to primary education, safe drinking water and sanitation are the fundamental rights of every child in India and in countries across the globe; Outreach has been working for empowering human lives in its project areas. The organization has taken a step forward with the support of ITC and with the collaboration of government departments involved in sanitation initiatives with the specific objective of improving quality of life, especially in rural areas. We have been proactively involved in not only organizing awareness programmes but also construction of safe toilets. Outreach has covered 05 core villages in the Hunsur taluk of Mysore district in the state of Karnataka by involving village schools, Gram Panchayat and individual beneficiaries for reviewing existing sanitation facilities and the strategies to be adopted for the future. Peoples’ perceptions were taken into consideration both during construction of new toilets and renovating old toilets.1200 Individual Household Toilets were constructed in 8 Gram Panchayat blocks covering 20 villages.

    During the year 2008-09, Outreach took up the ‘Individual Household Toilet’ program supported by ‘Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology’ (CAPART) and under this programme 790 individual household toilets were constructed in Bellary and Bagalkot districts of Karnataka state.

    With the support of Menzies Aviation Bobba Pvt. Ltd. 100 Individual Household toilets were constructed by Outreach under the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility since 2016) programme in Gauribidanur of Chickbalapur district of Karnataka State. With the support of Habitat, 100 Individual Household toilets were constructed for urban poor families in Bangalore.

  • Skill development of youth and livelihoods improvement.
    Skill to succeed Program-OUTREACH is running skill training and job placement oriented program on Retails sector at Hagaribommanahalli, Bellary,Karnataka.The program covers 230 students.
  • STEM Education :
    OUTREACH has experience in the area of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) education in the past 3 years. With the support of Institute of International Education,5 BBMP schools were identified for the programme. Under this programme , education technologies were distributed to the schools. Teachers training programme, students leadership programme and parents workshop were conducted to create interest among students to opt for Science as their future subject. Various activities were carried out throughout the year like baseline survey, endline survey, national science day programme and congratulatory event. Exposure to the software company was also included in the programme.